What to do….

I go though ebbs and flows when it comes to writing.  Some periods I have much to say, much to ponder and motivation to write.  Now is not one of those times.

A few people have suggested making lists.  I am and never have been a list person.  I make the list.  Look at the entries on the list.  Vow that I need to do all of this and more.  Set the list down.  After a few moments of motivation, I promptly cover up the list and set eyes on it six months down the road. Yep, not a list person.  I usually have a giggle when I discover an old list, muse over what I actually accomplished and then throw the list away.

Currently my list covers going to Australia.  There is so much more planning than I ever anticipated.  I know understand why people take a year or so before hitting the field.  I am part way done and about a month and a half away from starting classes and planning.  It has been hard doing this.  All the things I never thought about – like how to access money, applying income tax, how to plan for two years when you are limited to two bags… and much much more but I don’t want to bore you with details.

It is an exciting crazy time.  Work, family, planning, list that get buried, and Christmas quickly approaching.  Now there is a spectacular time.  Celebrating Jesus.  I have to remind myself to not get caught and enjoy the enormity of Jesus’ birth.  Pondering just like Mary pondered.  She must have had many crazy crazy thoughts…. what am I doing?  Why me?  Can I handle this?  That is the question that gets me.  Mary was on a life altering path.  No going back.  Can you handle this?  Not on her own she couldn’t.  The shame alone… wowee!  God, in His goodness, compassion, love and gentleness was with Mary every step.  With God she could handle what life was going to become.  And with all this she said yes to God.  How cool!  And how challenging.

Many times I don’t like to be challenged.  I want to live life with a house, and a job and comfort.  Forget that challenge stuff.  Coasting is just fine.  Lukewarm and boring.  A challenge means growth, change, perseverance, excitement, heartache, knowledge, and power.  A give you goose bumps and thrills moment.

With my Australia list starts the challenge.  See you on the flip side.

On a journey


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