Safely home

Yep, I’m home.  Sometimes that is such a tough word for me: home.  I thrive on being secure, settled, and accepted.  A new place can mean unknowing, loneliness, and uncertainty when you choose not to accept where you and what you are doing.

Too many times I have treated different locations as temporary, the next place to simply move on from.

This could be one of those times.  I could be saying, in two years I’ll be else where, doing something different, looking for the next thing.  If I don’t accept where I am as home and life, what’s the point?

I know this is part of what God wants me to learn:  make where you are home.  Live there, learn there, and thrive there.  It won’t be easy and will take time.  Another challenge?  Oh yes.


P.S. – In a very semi-poetical writer sense, this was my post of saying yes I arrived in Australia safely and securely.  It’s been a good week of learning the new schedule and slowly figuring out what my time will look like with YWAM Southlands Adelaide.  Much love!


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