Life as I know it today

Today is nice and quiet.  I have nothing planned.  I am sitting next to an open door where a cool breeze is floating in.  So much nicer then the 99 degrees I felt the past couple of days.  I can hear birds and chattering.  There is also a white bunny named Gandolf who occasionally scampers past my feet.

Besides a few emails I may read.  I am currently reading “Realities of Faith” by M. Basilea Schlink.  A simple book of women who prayed for their every need and the promise of a Father who fulfills those needs.  Definitely a good book for me to read.  If you wonder about prayer being answered, then this would be a good book for you.

Tomorrow will be different.  Tomorrow it is back to work cleaning, organizing and preparing.  We have four weeks until the beginning of the discipleship training school.  Tomorrow can be busy.

Today is about simple rest and relaxation.  No worries, anxieties, questions, or fears.  No what ifs or I have tos.


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