Spring means changes

My poor Northern Hemisphere brain.  It still cannot link October with Spring.  Constantly the word that comes to my lips is fall (autumn).  The sunny days are here, flowers are blooming, and the millipedes are finding their new home inside the base.  The last one is my least favorite as I do not enjoy walking down a hallway and suddenly hear crunch under my foot.

Moving on!  I have learned recently how very poorly I communicate.  We here at the base were challenge with a 40 day fast and as I was praying I was encouraged to give up two things: soda and Facebook.  If you know me fairly well, then you know that soda is my constantly companion and I spend way too much time on Facebook. So 28 days ago I stopped drinking soda and using Facebook.  Then I realized how badly I communicate with people.  Suddenly I no longer had a way of contacting a number of people.  I have no current phone number, email, or address for them.  I have no way of reach out other than sending an online post or a quick message.  How did I let myself get to this place?  Now I won’t deny it.  Social media is a great and easy way of connecting, but if that is my only means, how well am I really connecting with people.  Do I really know my “friends” and what is happening in their lives?  Do I honor and celebrate their achievement and sit and listen and offer anything I can when they are struggling?

So from my fast I realize that I want to be better connected.  I want to have current information and have ways outside of a computer to connect to my friends… and to drink more water.

I do have two more videos to share with you.  Both are from the outreach that I participated in in London.  The first is a bit of a fun time we had with an actual torch.  The second gives a small glimpse at some of our evangelism.  Look for the people in the grey t-shirts.  That’s my group.  And watch for me.  :0)

Fun, yes?

Hope you enjoyed the videos.  Be encouraged!


3 thoughts on “Spring means changes

  1. Erin,

    Love your videos, they’re so full of life and color! You are very good at putting it all together. A great opportunity to witness to a large crowd and yet there was one-to-one contact.

  2. Awesome! I love seeing what you are up to, it is really pretty special to watch you in the little clips and see your specific facial expressions and gestures while you are talking and think, gosh I remember and miss that look or smile or tilt of your head. Hope we get to visit with one another again (although I know it won’t be soon).

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