How to be a celebrity

Want to know how to be a celebrity?  Be a “bule” in Jakarta.  It’s that simple.  :0)

Today we headed out to pray for a woman who was having surgery to remove a skin cancer under her eye.  Out trip out we used the “squeezed like a baby to get on” bus system and it was fairly calm other than the observance that as long as the doors can open you can stuff in 5 more people.

At the hospital, we met up with Louie and had a chance to eat lunch and pray for him and his family.  Afterwards, we took another bus journey to go to a church.  We started one one small bus which was not too crowded, but then due to the traffic, we got off the bus and started walking to pick up a different bus, thus skipping some traffic.

As we were walking there were the usual number of stares (we are a group of 5 foreigners) and as I walked by one guy, I heard, “Wow!”  So we walked quickly through a small market selling all sorts of stuff (like panting kitties in a cage) and hopped onto another bus.  A another short ride and we arrived at the church. 

Entering the church brought another round of celebrity.  There was a kid’s Sunday school service.  They were singing and dancing, and I just can’t help myself when cuteness is happening, so myself and Anna (who is from London) sat down to watch.  Suddenly we were the attraction.  Many many small faces kept turning around to give us looks and shy smiles.

Before shifting to the women’s service, a couple of girls in front of us attempted to say Hi and very much wanted to touch us.  So we shook hands and than sat into the women’s service.  Unexpeted we were invited to sing.  Oh we were not prepared but the grace of God got us through our song.  :0)

At the end, we were invited to take many pictures and shake lots of hands.  We finished the evening by having dinner, meeting a YWAMer from Papua New Guinea, and chatting into the night.

Consider being a celebrity successful.


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