The place where the Chinese are buried

We went to the place where the Chinese are buried.  Here you find many who are alive.  They have built a slum community on top of the graves.

Sitting off of a roadway/driveway, is the unnoticed entrance to the Chinese cemetery.  There you find a world all it’s own.  Walking through the entrance reveals multiple shacks, raw sewage and trash.  Added into the strange mix is a pump for water, electricity, tvs, and a small store.

We came to this slum to work with a kids ministry.  They have built what they call a library, as a place for the children to come, play games, color, and receive small gifts to toiletries and food.  There are about 30 kids who come to play ranging from ages 3 to 14.  As I could not speak Indonesian, a lot of my time was spent giving smiles, tickling, and chasing kids around the room with monster like sounds.  They returned the favor in kind.  One little girl, sat herself next to me while we were coloring, and spoke every now and then to me about her drawing and other bits of conversation that I could not understand.  When we moved into story time, Luna (the same girl), place herself right next to me and occasionally touched my arm.  It start to make me sad, because I sat there thinking about how I can do nothing to help this little girl’s life.  The Indonesian government offers nothing to help the slum communities and they can live in daily fear that their homes may be torn down, as they have built the slum illegally. 

I found hope in my heart in Luna when the story of Christmas was being shared.  I can do nothing to change her life, but Jesus can do everything.  As she sat there in my lap (funny how kids can sneak in), I prayed over her blessings and hope for her future.  In the lesson, they were told how special they were and so I kept repeating that to her – special and Jesus.

I did not get the chance to say good-bye or even take a picture with Luna, but that doesn’t matter.  My hope is that Jesus will find his way into her heart and she can leave the place where the Chinese are buried.


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