Raining buckets

I have discovered what rainy season in Indonesia means.  The first time it rained (our first full day here) it wasn’t anything too bad – a strong rain that slowed us down for a while but that was it.

Yesterday, we were rehearsing in a church that is on the 36th floor of a skyscraper.  We were participating in a fund-raising event for a team going to China.  The skies opened up, turned a stormy shade of green, and let the world know it’s rainy season.  You literally could look out the windows and see nothing but rain and clouds. 

Today, we were in another slum, this one built by trash collectors.  Trash collectors are not a government provided job.  They are people who can find no work, so they collect trash and sell it to recycling, thus having a meager living.  The ministry in this slum gathers children and provides school lessons for them.  While we were in the small three roomed school teaching English and singing songs, the air was filled with cracks of lightning and booms of thunder.  Sheets of rain made their presence. 

I do think it has rained everyday that we have been here.  Keeps life exciting.  :0)


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