Starting with a bang!

Welcome 2013!

My night officially started with a bang.  Around 11:30pm, the firecrackers were popping in abundance.  It was quite the sound.  Just at midnight, a couple of friends and I went out to take in the sights.  We are living just off a main road, so we walked up there and were greeted by a multitude of firecrackers, motor bikes, and a handful of kids on a passenger bridge waving and calling out the usual, “bule, bule!”.  It was a fun sight to see.

To finish the celebrating, today the firecrackers continued starting around 8pm.  Guess Indonesians really like to celebrate (or maybe they wanted to help the US ring in the New Year.)

I hope 2013 will be one that inspires!

P.S. – Tomorrow will be my last day in Jakara.  We are heading to the island of Borneo tomorrow evening and after that will be continuing on to East Timor.  I expect not to have consistent internet, so I’ll see you again in a month!


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