Growing, Knowing, and Throwing (in some fashion)

I’m in a new season and I want to see daily change in my life.  I guess that most people want this – if you don’t then are you really living?

In this daily quest, I have given myself three categories: Growing, knowing and throwing.  Sounds simple and I will give you a small run down of what to expect.

Growing is the whole shebang and my, “I didn’t know how it fits in to the other two so this is the title.”  This will be my living part if you will.  Ex: I woke up and saw an amazing covering of cloud around the base and had a deep thought.”

Knowing is the bits and pieces of new knowledge.  Words, languages, facts, any little piece that helps fill in the big picture for myself (and maybe for you.)

Throwing is the part where I release things I don’t need to carry.  This could be another daily slow big where I simply toss three sheets of paper.  But those three sheets can be a bit of growth when I am freed from something deeper that they represented.

Let the journey commence!


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