Rearranging little by little

A simple step to throwing: tossing out the bits that mean nothing.

I have moved a lot in the last fifteen years.  Some times I would move every two years and sometimes it would be quicker span of nine months.  My problem with moving is I become a collector.  I have bits of papers that meant something at one point and in my haste to move, I would quickly pack up my things, which basically meant tossing everything from a drawer into a box and taping the box shut till next time.  Well, next time for me becomes many months or even years later.

In my recent travels I had the chance to go visit my parents home in the states.  I had left boxes with them from my move last year and I sat down for a few days picking through some of the boxes.  I opened many to discover bits that were so important to me and now had no virtue.  A bag full of shoelaces that I used to make hair ties, old receipts and movie stubs, or notes from college that I thought I might some days use.  My trash bin in my room got good use.

For me this is a big step.  I like things.  As I said I become a collector of my life’s history and have a very difficult time parting with things.  I didn’t mind all the boxes when I was younger but now I realize how much I am carrying that I no longer need.  I would actually like to live in a place where I have nothing stored.

In returning to Australia, I found I also had to do some rearranging.  My room gained some new occupants and thus I lost some storage space.  Again the same deal – receipts mainly and some clothes that I had forgotten existed in the four months that I had been gone.  So I worked on getting rid of the excess and trying to make my stuff fit in the space I have.  I’m not quite there.  My resolve to get rid of things has been fading but I know in the end it will be worth it.


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