A horrible day: a nephew’s story told from an aunt’s perspective

DISCLAIMER:  This story is not to make fun of the nephew.  It was simply one of those crazy days where nothing goes quite right. 

The name is David.  Sometimes my family calls me D, nobody calls me Dave.  I’m just David.

Today was a normal morning… you know get up, eat something, run around, get dressed and wait to go to church.  My crazy aunt has been recovering from something called jet lag, so we never know if she’ll be awake, but my mom and grandma and grandpa all were.  We did the normal morning.  Surprisingly my aunt was awake, so everybody went to church.  This isn’t my church.  This is my grandma and grandpa’s church.  I just came with my mom to go to vacation Bible school.  It was good.  We got to play games and learn cool science tricks and have snacks and talk about the Bible and it was really hot, like so hot I was burning up.  Oh man… air condition just felt so good, cause let me tell you – it was hot!

My bad day?  Oh yeah!!  Anyway, so it was like, you know we went to church and I had to sit in the service but then I got to leave to go to Sunday School and that was good.  What did I do?  Uh I don’t know. Stuff.  But after there were enchiladas.  Yum!  I want red.  Yep that’s what I told me mom.  I want red, not the green.  NOT the spicy one.  So yeah… I got my enchilada and I took a bit and it was super SPICY!  MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE!  Ugh.  Like it was so hot, and my mom took the green one she had and gave it too me.  Even the soda didn’t make my mouth better.  Or the bread.  “Can’t you feel my hot breath?” I asked my mom cause it was so spicy.  That was not good.  For your info, you always ask in New Mexico which is the spicy one.  Red or green, it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, so we left church and got some more soda and some ice cream for my fire breath and just did things in the afternoon.  Like my mom and I went to a book and music store where I got a mug to give to my day – I didn’t buy it, my mom did, but I am going to give it to my dad, and then we went to McDonald’s, and then we went back to grandma and grandpa’s house and everyone got ready to see the white sand.  I know this is going to be cool.

Like I got to play my DS going on the bajillion mile car ride (it’s about 50 miles) and then we got there and there was a bat in the women’s restroom that I didn’t get to see and then there was a video about the white sand that we missed so my mom and I walked around the store so I could get the junior ranger pack and then we went back to the video where my grandpa, and grandma and crazy aunt were waiting.  Then when the video started this big bug jumped onto my arm and bit me!  It hurt.

So yeah, anyway, we watched the video and saw some stuff about the white sand and then we went back to the car and then drove into the park and then I was playing my DS and my grandma told me to close it and look outside.  Whoa!  There was like a crazy white wall.  Like snow.  Some parts you couldn’t see the road that well… and like augh! sploosh craziness.  Anyway, I had a plastic green sled to slide down the dunes, and we parked and climbed up and I tried to sled and I was just getting going when this crazy wind storm ripped the sled out of my hand.

It went flying past me!  I’m only 53 pounds (51 my mom says) and this was like crazy wind.  So I started screaming, “This is a horrible day.” And my crazy aunt was having flash backs about being in Kuwait and she went to get my sled that had stopped flying, and my mom took me to the car, and grandpa helped grandma get down to the car then went back up to find my crazy aunt who had gotten the sled but was being blown to different cars.  My crazy aunt and grandpa got to the car and I told my aunt she saved my life, it was good , I would do anything for her and she gave me a look and told me to never scream like that again.  Ugh.

Then, we drove through the crazy wind, to the highway to another town to get dinner.  My mom drove slow and careful because of the storm and it was like you couldn’t see anything… I couldn’t see the road, I couldn’t see the buildings or the signs.  Like you would fly off and disappear or you would come to the white sand with a friend and your friend would let you go to the dune and say bye!

We had dinner and I got mac and cheese which was good but I was still hungry and I didn’t want my mom’s yucky squash, so I got an Oreo sundae.  My mom said I could and grandpa bought it for me.  Then we drove home.  There was lot’s of lightning.

And I told everyone, “This was a horrible day.”  Then I fell asleep with my face against the car door.



(Approaching sand storm)

Editor’s note:  Most of the sentences came directly from the nephew with just a few bits of creative liberty from the aunt.


2 thoughts on “A horrible day: a nephew’s story told from an aunt’s perspective

  1. What a great story! Thanks for sharing Erin! He sounds like a funny smart little guy 🙂 That sand storm looks crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it. Hope you’re doing well!

    Love Mary

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