Saying Good-bye to 17 years of love

My it has been a while since I have written!  I have this post on my mind for a while, so bear with me as I get a little sentimental.

It’s already been four month past and I still miss her.  The hardest part is walking into the garage and expecting to see her in her spot.


My baby Kiwi.  It was love at first touch for me when I stuck my finger through her cage at the shelter and she promptly rubbed my finger with the side of her face.  That was her signature move through all the years.

From being a cuddly one-year old cat who used to ride on the back of my shoulders, through the years of love/hate relationship as I left home and only came to visit on occasion.  Seriously, many times I would come to visit and all I would have to do was hold out my hand, let her get a good sniff in, and she would promptly hiss and run away.  Only when I was home for more than two months would be become friends again.

The hardest was the last time I saw her.  I was visiting from Australia and she had been getting pretty thin, along with already being old.  I knelt down next to her box, let her rub my finger, and told her it was okay.

Just a short time after being back in Australia my parents wrote to let me know she was gone.

It’s still hard, after all, 17 years is a long time to love someone.


Who wouldn’t love that face?  My precious Kiwi 1996-2013.


4 thoughts on “Saying Good-bye to 17 years of love

  1. She was beautiful. I know it’s tough. I lost my cat in October of this year. I don’t know what happened to her. I looked everywhere for her, called the Animal Shelter daily, went around to neighbors, and put an ad in the paper. I still grieve her.

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