My inner radio

Okay, you may or may not want to admit it.  It’s okay for you not to admit it, but for me this is my declaration.

I have a radio that plays constantly in my head.

Does that sound weird?  Like right now I hear, “What does the fox say? nananananlkxjhozidjusrlkjnewlhjksa…”

Maybe at this point you are thinking, “That is no radio.  That is that annoying catchy song that just recently exploded on the internet.”

Maybe you just watched the video and now have the same tune wafting through your conscience.  Maybe….

Or maybe you are like me and your radio will eventually switch to a different tune.  Mine runs randomly.  Sometimes I will see somebody and their “theme song” starts playing (this being the song I associate with them.)  Maybe you get a song from the radio stuck, or your little radio just randomly switches from song.  My radio will go from a worship song, to a t.v. theme song, to a children’s song all within a few hours.

Now that I have shared about the fox, my mind will soon find a new tune.  I’m glad.  I’m tired of hearing, “nananananlkhjoiuolkamweofhiuc.”


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