Like shifting sand

Doe you ever think about perspective changing?

I have in the last few weeks been realizing how many times perspective on my life and those around can be outdated.

Last week, on Halloween, I assigned myself to candy duty.  I am currently living in my parents house.  I am doing this for a chance to rest and see how this new season of life is unfolding.  I also just finished serving as a missionary for a year and a half and don’t have much to my name at the moment.  So on Halloween, I dutifully answered the door, smiled at the kids and wished them a good night.  Near the end of the evening, there was a gentleman escorting two kids around.  As the kids left the door, he looked at me and asked, “Do you live here now?”

“Me?  Yes I live here,” I replied but was a bit uncertain to his question.

“What about the older couple?” he asked.

“What older couple?  Maybe they lived here before?  We’re renting this place.” was my response to him.

After bit more talking, it finally dawned on me who he was talking about:  My parents.

I was a bit shocked.  When did my parents become the “older couple.”  My mind felt so confused.  Are they really that old?  Am I?

Along with this realization, I have also been struck by the fact that my aunt (on my mom’s side) is a great-grandmother.  That may not sound too surprising, but really gets me is that she is not a first time great-grandmother.  She is at least nine-times over great-grandmother.  How am I old enough for my aunt to have nine great-grand kids?!!  That just does not make sense.

Yet, all of this makes perfect sense.  Changing perspective is simple a part of life.  It’s a part of growing, learning and seeing the world with new eyes.  The Erin of 10 years ago, would not look at today with the same wisdom and knowledge as the Erin of yesterday.  I am happy that things have changed, that I can see them differently.  Not only does it enrich my life, but I also see a bit more of Jesus.  I can see how years of following him has changed how I view things daily, how I learn to love people in new ways and circumstances.

I do not think I would be helpful to the world if I kept my perspective the same as it was when I was 5, or 10, or even 20.  I could offer no new insight or creativity or adventure.  In fact, the younger Erin would never have the daring to travel around the world, eat bits of food that one did not know were edible (like bugs and body parts), and would never have the courage to greet her next door neighbor.

I encourage more perspective change in my life and hope for many new and exciting things to come, but I wouldn’t mind if my parents weren’t that “older couple.”  I still want them around for a nice, long time.  :0)


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