Veteran’s day

I was a bit annoyed by our local paper.  Let me correct that.  I was a bit annoyed by a comment I read in our local paper.  There is a column where people can write blurbs on articles and activities around the city.  The person who annoyed me decided to grip about Veteran’s day.  They were complaining about how could we think it was okay to celebrate war and that Veteran’s day should be no longer.

I’m sorry sir, but I certainly do not feel the same.  There have been many people who have given up their time and lives so that you can write your simpering little complaint.  Would you prefer to live in a country where you would only be protecting yourself?  Would you like to tell me how my grandfather was glorifying war be being in an airplane that flew over Germany?  Maybe you would like to talk to all the family members of people who have lost loved ones and tell them that their loved ones shouldn’t be remembered or honored.

Go ahead, sit around and write your little snarky complaint.  I’m sorry for you to not be able to understand why we need to honor and remember veteran’s.  Oh and no thank you to you, but I enjoyed my free Apple Bee’s burger today.

*** I guess you could say I was more than just a little bit annoyed.***


Picture of my mom and I from October 2003.  I had already been deployed for eight months in Kuwait and Iraq and was given two weeks to go see my family.  Then it was back to the desert to finish up the year.





One thought on “Veteran’s day

  1. THANK YOU! Thank you for your service to the United States and to the people of this country. To heck with this naysayer! We love you and all the veterans that are alive and those who rest in peace. God bless you!

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