Over 30 and not married

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Marriage, babies, dating… all three a common questions areas when you are meeting someone.  I’ve asked the questions myself.  But when you are past 30, the questions change:

So…. are you married?  No.

How old are you?  Over 30.

No boyfriend?  No.

Don’t you want have babies!?  …….

Ugh.  It gets old.  Look, it isn’t like I am against marriage or boyfriends or babies.  I don’t hide in a cave with the intention of never meeting people.  Yes, I realize that 40 is coming soon.

But seriously, do you have to try to make it sound like I just murdered someone?  Don’t you think I ask myself these sort of questions all the time.  Added to that are the lies that come:

No one likes you.

You are ugly.

You are old.

Your life is over.

Now, today I am not feeling that.  I’m pretty happy with my skin.  My life is interesting – albeit it isn’t where I ever imagined it would be.  I don’t feel like I won’t ever experience marriage or babies most days.  It only gets difficult when my Facebook feed explodes with pregnancy announcements and engagement and wedding pictures.

Look, it’s simple.  My life is my own.  It isn’t my sisters’ life or my girlfriend’s life or any woman who also exists in this world.  None of us will ever have the same story.  We are uniquely designed creations of God.  I without a doubt know that following God means I will have a life that is beyond anything I can imagine.  Maybe that life won’t ever include a husband or a child, but that’s God choice to write or not to write.

So please, don’t treat me like a crazed lunatic when I say, “Yes, I am over 30 and I am not married.”



One thought on “Over 30 and not married

  1. Ugh! I hate those questions, “Are you married?” I want to say, “It is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” My brother and his wife make all their nieces and nephews their “children”. They love them, spoil them, then send them home to their parents. :o) Win-win situation!

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