Halfway done with November

I easily loose track of days when I get busy.  Here it is, November 15th.  We are halfway through November and 40 days away from Christmas.  The year is almost done.  How did that happen???

I don’t feel ready for the end of year, like I haven’t done enough this year.  Maybe it comes with being older.  The years keep passing and it feels like, “Wasn’t it just 2011?”

Do you ever feel like that?  Thinking about the year and realizing how much time has passed and how could it really have passed that quickly?  I can still remember the curiosity of what Y2K was going to bring —  Would the world actually collapse??  And now…. we are almost to 2015!! (Give or take a year.)

Time is a crazy animal.  But I appreciate the free time I have this weekend!

Happy mid-November!


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