Christmas music

Hot button topic – Christmas music.

I’m listening to Frank Sinatra singing “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let is Snow” and other songs thanks to Spotify.  I have no problem listening to Christmas music even though November is not done.  One of the stations out of El Paso has been playing Christmas Carols for the past two weeks.

Now some of you, I am sure, are at arms.  How dare you listen to Christmas music right now.  The horrors!  Can’t you even wait until December.

No, I can’t.  For me the music is a season change signal.  I really love the time period of November to the end of December.  Celebrating life, family, friendships, and remembering why this time is so important for me – it signals the start of Jesus’ time here on earth.  Yes, Easter is more powerful with the conquering of death, but for me, I feel a deeper sense of peace and joy as I think about how my Saviour started his life.

It’s the crispness of the air, the clearness of the sky, and the joy in the songs that I love.

If you don’t agree with me, that’s okay.  I’ll keep enjoying my music.  Frank is pretty good company!


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