Countdown to Thanksgiving – Day 1

I’ve decided to start a personal countdown to Thanksgiving.

By far, Thanksgiving has almost always been my favorite holiday.  I have such enjoyment in gathering together with others to share food and laughter, maybe some crazy shopping or games, and for me… rarely football.  I just am not a football watcher.  I usually only watch the Superbowl, but that is a side bar.  This is about Thanksgiving!

When I was young (think baby to about 13), Thanksgiving meant Grandma’s house.  We almost always drove from LA to San Diego to my dad’s mom’s house.  Oh how I loved going to her house.  We usually had dinner at her house, but there were a few variations – such as dinner out one year or towards the end of our time in California, we stayed at Grandma’s but went over to my uncle’s house to eat.

My Grandma was a solid cook.  During the regular week, she was constantly feeding us and it was a pretty solid routine.  Breakfast was Cream of Wheat for me and Oatmeal for my sister, lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich (I got my love of grilled cheese from her) and dinner was some type of meat, home made mashed potatoes and veggies.  For fun she would make Jello or pudding.  Oh my grandma was a great lady, and being at her house for Thanksgiving was a fantastic time.  My grandpa would be in the background doing his work, smoking his pipe, and letting my sister and I wander in to his office to say Hi.

It will be a bit strange this year.  My parents and I are driving from New Mexico to California to have Thanksgiving at my uncle’s house.  I haven’t been to San Diego for a Thanksgiving meal in over 20 years, and it’s only been two years since my grandma passed away.  A little bitter sweet, but I am so thankful of the memories I have of all those amazing years at Grandma’s house.


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