Countdown to Thanksgiving – Day 2

Life happens and suddenly you find yourself out of the house and wondering what to do for the holidays.

Out of high school I joined the military.  I was stationed in the middle of the US, while my parents lived on the East Coast and my sister lived further west of me.  So what does a lone person do?  I tried flying home the first year.  That was okay, but it wasn’t that great to lose two days to travel time.  I traveled to my sister’s place the second year, but that also taken up with travel time.

The third year… well I had moved again.  This time I was stationed overseas in Germany.  This year was different.  I was only going to the states when I had ample leave time, because really, who wants to fly for 8 hours when you only have four days?  Okay, some people will do it, but it isn’t my preference.

So what happened?  Incredible friends happened.  I was blessed with some amazing friends in Germany.  On in particular, had her own place and the gift of hospitality.  Friend C (I’m calling her that for this story) set up an amazing weekend.  She had a spare room, and let me stay with her so I wasn’t at the single barracks over the four day weekend.  It was four days of wonderful food, movies, plenty of people, and party games – including an indoor round of Twister.

I was blessed in many ways by my friends in Germany, who were my family when I could not be stateside.  I am very thankful how technology has allowed us to stay in contact over the years.  Hooray for the internet!


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