Countdown to Thanksgiving – Day 4

Okay, moving on from memories – lets talk food!!  I so enjoy eating and my tastes have changed since being a kid.

In the early days, at the kid table, I would munch on turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and whatever veggie was served.  That pie stuff… that was for the birds!  It was too orange and too uninteresting.  Green bean casserole…. it looked a bit gloppy, and sweet potatoes… I had no idea what those were.

Now my palette is much more adventurous.  Such as yesterday when I made pumpkin muffins to take to our church dinner today.  I used the recipe from my mom and threw in some cardamon for a bit of an extra spicy kick.  I know simple move, but it was nice!  I have grown to enjoy eating sweet potatoes (but they can be without the marshmallow for me) and trying variations on stuffing and meat.  I still haven’t graduated to cranberry sauce.  I know I should just give it a go and be pleasantly surprised.  Maybe this year will be the year.

Oh and don’t forget the pie!  My sister actually makes a carrot pie – very similar in texture and taste to pumpkin.  How about you?  What do you like to serve that is a bit nontraditional?


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