Countdown to Thanksgiving – Day 5

You know… I was just thinking that my countdown is going up and not down and isn’t that the opposite of what a countdown should be?  Oh well!!

So it’s Monday.  Yep, I know you know that.  Tomorrow being Tuesday, and then Wednesday, then the big day… ba bum!!! Turkey Day!  I was just thinking about how many of you are totally freaked out that today is Monday and you still need to do X, Y, and Z plus jump over a flaming wall of fire and then you’ll be ready for Thursday.  Don’t worry my friend, you still have two days!  Think happy thoughts and they’ll just lift you up….. No?

Then there’s is the other group.  Oh boy… all that food in just two days!!!!  You are the bums who are going to someone’s house, bringing nothing but your growling stomach.  At least be nice and bring some flowers, okay?  Or even better call your host and ask if you can bring something.  Like a beverage or dessert or rolls.

Then there is me.  I only have to work one more day and still pack and make cookies to bring to my uncle’s house…. so I”m covered.  I have all I need to make the cookies and I”m bringing something to the house that is serving dinner.  I think the only concern we (my parents and I) could have is what to eat for lunch?  We’ll be in the hotel and depending on when dinner starts, well you know how it is on Thursday – not much will be open.

So in my world there is still a bit of planning to do, but no crazy stress.  I’m feeling pretty good!  How about you?


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Thanksgiving – Day 5

  1. Excited to break tradition and do nothing this Thanksgiving (which is extra great since this is my first vegetarian Thanksgiving). We’re supposed to be relaxing at the beach with a friend.

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