Countdown to Thanksgiving – Day 6

Do you answer the alluring call?  Sales… cheap…. limited amount…. it’s Black Friday shopping, coming to a store and computer near you.

I was introduced to Black Friday shopping around the age of 10.  While we were at my Grandma’s for Thanksgiving, my aunt let my mom know that she was going out for Black Friday.  Mom mom decided to join and also brought my sister and I along.  I had no clue what was in store.  Friday morning we got up way before the sun and headed to department stores.  The only thing I was looking for was a sweater.  This was 1990 and there was a style of sweater that had strips and a mix of pastel colors with raised white decorations.  I know I’m not giving you a very clear picture.  :0)  That was the sweater I wanted.  So, the very first store we went to, I saw said sweater style and asked me mom if she would buy it for me.  She did.  I felt very successful.

That was until two stores later, I saw the same style but this sweater actually had a carousel horse on the front of it. I felt very disappointed!   If only I had know… but how could I, I was only 10 and did not look at the sales circulars.  By that store the sun had risen and the excitement of this curious morning had long worn off.

That has pretty much been my only experience with Black Friday.  I will still go to a store on Friday and look around just to see what’s left by 11:00am, but I am not a bargain hunter by any means.  Like my sister.  She has already shopped today and got such a discount that every thing was basically free, and it’s only Tuesday.

Hope all of you bargain hunters score successful deals!


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Thanksgiving – Day 6

  1. Actually I have been shopping since last Thursday. That’s when Wal-Mart had their pre-Black Friday sale start. I found the same item at the same price on Amazon the next day plus I had $10 in credit. We ended up returning the one item to Wal-Mart and purchasing it on Amazon for $10 less. Chris bought his brother a Skylanders Swap Force for $27 (his own money) instead of $74.99 🙂

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