A November tradition

When I came back to California to attend university, I was located in Orange County.  I’m sure most know that Disneyland is located here, but the lesser known park is Knott’s Berry Farm.  My family would attend Knott’s yearly when I was growing up.  What excited me during university, was the discovery that Knott’s held an appreciation month for veterans.  Veterans could come to the park for free and bring along one free guest plus up to six more for a discounted price.  Free ticket?  I was sold.

Thus started my November tradition.  From 2005 to 2009 I would make my trek in November to Knott’s.  Not only was this a tradition for me, but one of my dearest friends started coming with me in 2006.  We created all sorts of traditions of taking specific pictures on rides and in certain spots.  The blessing of coming out to California this year for Thanksgiving was not only could I see family, but I discovered that Knott’s had extended the time period of veterans appreciation to the beginning of January.  The tradition could continue!!!

Today was a blast, taking in the swings and log ride (tradition!), shows and finding our friend dubbed Pablo.  Some years it took us a while to find Pablo but this year we ran into him straight away.

Thank you Knott’s, Pablo, and dearest friend for keeping on the tradition.














P.S – Thank you for following me on my NaBloPoMo adventure.




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