Belt it out Christmas!

Okay, if you have been checking out my post for the last few days, you know by now that I am participating in a link-up called 12 Days of Christmas.


The topic for today is…. bum ba bum!!!  Music.  It’s the holidays and if you’ve been listening to the radio, surely you have heard a Christmas tune or two.  I’ve actually been listening since before Thanksgiving, as one of the local stations started way back then.  There are a few that I don’t really care for. Another problem was when I realized that after a week of listening I was hearing the same songs over and over again.  Thankfully they keep tossing in a few new ones to keep things fresh.

So, there are two songs I really like.  The first is Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song) by Amy Grant.  I found an acoustic version by a group called Hip Kitty.  I like the sound of the guitar.  Most times you hear someone singing this song, you get a lot of symphonic sounds.  The guitar sound, for me, is a bit cleaner.

The other song I really enjoy is White Christmas.  Not the slow, melodic version, but the do wop version by the Drifters that was in the movie “Home Alone”.  I heard a version this year, same style done by Michael Bublé with Shania Twain.

I could easily add a few more, but I’ll keep things short and sweet.  Hope you have some great tunes to jam to this Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Belt it out Christmas!

  1. I LOVE White Christmas and fell in love with Buble’s version last year. It’s on my iPod now 🙂 Thanks for sharing the other Breath of Heaven version. It’s a pretty song but I must confess sometimes I can’t stand the thought of hearing it yet another time. This is a nice fresh take!

  2. OH MY GOODNES, that version of Breath of Heaven… I NEED IT ON MY PHONE NOW! EEk, so many caps and messed up sentences but that song got all in my feels. They are so good.
    And I love me some Buble. Probably one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever been to.

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