Salutations Jolly St Nick

Hey big guy,

“I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle”  I promise I won’t shoot my eye out.  Well, I guess it’s okay if I don’t get the Red Ryder.  Yes, that really isn’t on my wish list.

So how are you Santa?  It’s been quite a while since we have since each other.  All those years of taking pictures with you – all the way into my 20s.  I didn’t mind.  It was for mom after all.

Here’s the deal, Santa.  I know you don’t actually bring me anything.  I knew you never did.  I always knew that you weren’t real, but simply a part of us celebrating the holidays.  We never saw presents from Santa.  They were always from mom and dad, and grandma and grandpa.  Even the stocking.  Grandma never failed.

Yet, I don’t mind finding you, sitting on your lap and hoping that the things I deeply wish for will arrive.  What would I like this year?  First, I would like new skin.  Literally.  Those ovens at work a pretty hot and I’ve gotten a lot of scars in the past few months.  I know they are reminders of hard work and interesting days of feeding students.  It would be nice to have my arms back from before the experience, but can I keep the experience as well?

Second, I would like a place to call my own.  Not a shared room, not a shared house, just my little space.  Is that too much?  Can I have a cat in it as well?  Well, yes I supposed I would get lonely and it would be nice to have people around to share meals and cuddly my kitty and laugh and play games.  Can I just have the house next door to my family so they aren’t so far away?

Lastly, I would like lots of money.  I want a money tree so I can just go out and pick what I need.  It’s much better to have money and not the lessons of blessings and endurance.  Well, the lessons are good too.  Can I learn just by the work of picking the money from the tree?

It really isn’t much Santa and maybe they aren’t things I actually need.  It’s a good thing that you aren’t really going to give me these things.  Otherwise I just might not know what it means to live.

Love Always,





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