Light the way

Welcome to week 2 of 12 Days of Christmas link-up!

The topic of today is my outdoor decoration.  Whelp… yeah… um… none.  But if you have been reading this series I’m pretty sure you knew there would be no out door decorations.

Our neighborhood, however, has a few houses that have decorated, including a 5ft inflated Santa Clause that stands proudly on a rooftop.  The house I like the most uses these out door lamps sitting along the top of the roof.  I had never seen these types of lamps before, but my dad told me they have been around for a while.   Maybe they are more popular here because of the flat roofs.


Neighbor house

I’m not how much justice the picture does.  I really like the look of the house and the simplicity of the lanterns.

On another note – we have our tree up!  See:


Notice the LED glow near the top.  We got a new strand of lights.  :0)  The plan is to finish decorating the tree in the next couple of days.



2 thoughts on “Light the way

  1. I love how you put that. We made the list and then I realized we weren’t decorating outside either. By downsizing it has helped us really focus on the real meaning of Christmas. HA!

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