Feasting on Food

Another day, another chance to link up with 12 Days of Christmas.

Today is about food.  What do you find on your table during Christmas, a specific recipe, etc.  For us… it’s really simple.  Some sort of meat (primarily ham), a side dish that is usually of a potato content, a vegetable, and… that’s about it.  Occasionally we might try something different but when it has just been my parents and myself for Christmas, that’s about all we eat.  Plain, simple, easy.  Keeps things uncomplicated.

I so wish I could write something much more interesting and creative, but my family is so laid back that the holidays have never really been a big deal.  Not is an bad way, just in an, “oh.. Christmas is next week.  We should probably get food for dinner” kind of way.

Maybe we’ll have grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch!  I’m going to suggest that.  I love grilled cheese and can never get enough.  Not a fancy type.  Using velveeta, for me, makes the best sandwiches.  Oohh… perhaps I should suggest that as a new traditional Christmas lunch for our family.  Or just for myself!  :0)

I hope you have fun and delicious food that you get to share with loved ones on Christmas.


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