Surprising my parents for Christmas

Welcome to day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas. I missed yesterday due to our internet being a bit weird, but that’s okay.  Let’s talk about today.

A memory from Christmas.  Back in fall 2008, I had just started working at a full-time job and yet to accrue a lot of vacation days.  I had seen my parents the beginning December when they flew out for a visit in California, but I told them I would not be home for Christmas because I couldn’t get the time away.  Christmas that year was on a Thursday, so we were scheduled to have the 24th and 25th, but had to work Friday the 26th, so I wasn’t even free for the weekend.

Well, enough people talked to my boss about it, so he decided (I worked for a large corporation with many offices) that our office would instead work, Thursday the 24th, and then we could have a four-day weekend.  Well my little wheels began turning.  I could still go home – but what if it was a surprise?

That’s exactly what I did.  I told my sister, so someone would know where I was.  I told my parents I had the 24th and 25th off.  I even called my mom from work on the 24th and told her that I was at home doing nothing.  I left work, went to the airport, caught an over night flight.  Arriving in Virginia around 7:00am the next morning, I picked-up a car, found my way to our city, stopped at a grocery store for some food, and knocked on the door around 10:00am.  I talked to my sister right before I knocked so she would know I was there and we also talked about how I would “arrive.”  One thought was she would call and tell them there was a present outside, but instead I just went up and knocked.  My dad answered and he was so shocked he could hardly say anything, and my mom came up from our basement and hopped up and down screaming, “Yay, yay, yay!”  I actually have a video of this event, but it’s in a format that I can’t upload – my apologies – but I do have a picture of the three of us from the weekend.  I had to fly back to California the same Sunday this picture was taken.



At my parents church Christmas weekend.

That is definitely one of my favorite Christmas memories.


2 thoughts on “Surprising my parents for Christmas

  1. Surprising parents with visits is the best! It never gets old. I’m only an hour away but I still enjoy randomly coming to my mom’s for special occassions.

    Ah, that pic makes me happy. Yay for a lovely family and lovely church 😀

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