In the garden

I want to keep this one short and sweet but I am not too sure how my thoughts will organize themselves.

I want to read through the Bible chronologically over the year, but am a bit behind.  Today I started so I was reading Genesis 1 to 3 and was thinking about what God did with Adam and Eve and comparing it to where I am today.

This world is rough.  Lots of people are struggling: jobs, family, housing, money.  When is it going to get better?  How can we continue to survive and even thrive when it seems there is not enough?

Did you know it says God place Adam in the garden?  Let me back up a bit to my point.  The first mention of Adam is in Genesis 1:26-30, when God creates Adam and then tells him to, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it…” in verse 28.  Then we get a bit more of detail on Adam in Genesis 2.  What caught my attention was verse 15, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.”  A bit further we receive the introduction of Eve when God saw that it wasn’t good for man to be alone.

So, while wrestling with my thoughts about my current state of life and many others that I know, I realized this.  God place Adam exactly where he wanted him and provided everything he needed: work, food, company/mate/marriage, shelter, etc.

God didn’t chose to create Adam and then let him run all over the entire earth without purpose.

So, if God chose to give Adam purpose, why would I even think that I do not have purpose where ever God sends me?

Perhaps myself and others should stop pulling out so much hair, stop trying to find the answers and settle into the fact that the creator of myself and the entire earth has the ability and the willingness to place me in my garden.  I know how Adams story turned out when he and Eve chose otherwise.  Mistakes happen – you can read it in Genesis 3 – but grace and mercy happen and even though their garden was closed and they were sent to work outside of it, God never left them.  They had a new garden to focus on.

My life may not look like paradise but that does not mean God does not bless me and keep me. 

It’s like I said, my thoughts are a still a bit all over the place but I know that this encouragement isn’t just for me.  Good night!


Dear blog,

Well, here we are in 2014.  It amazes me how the years can change.  Wasn’t it just 1996?  How did we get to almost the mid 2010s?

Anyway, not much is happening today.  I may have burned just half my face yesterday as we watched the Sun Bowl in El Paso.  Did you hear the Bruins won?  Yep, it was a good game for us.  Sorry for the end of your year VA Tech but today is a new year.


It is a bit difficult to see in the picture, but I have a faint outline of my sunglasses which I was wearing the whole time.

It’s good to see you 2014.  I know that this will be a crazy full interesting year.  How do I know that?  It’s simple.  I have a savior who dreams big and plans big and he wants that for my life.  I just have to let him move.  Well get ready 2014 because I feel like shaking and grooving.

Oh and how many other aunt are blessed to have their nephew chilling on the couch with them?  I know… it is awesome and you wish you were me.


See?  He is pretty much the best.  I am very lucky to have him and his brother in my life.

Okay 2014, let’s roll.

Love, Erin

Salutations Jolly St Nick

Hey big guy,

“I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle”  I promise I won’t shoot my eye out.  Well, I guess it’s okay if I don’t get the Red Ryder.  Yes, that really isn’t on my wish list.

So how are you Santa?  It’s been quite a while since we have since each other.  All those years of taking pictures with you – all the way into my 20s.  I didn’t mind.  It was for mom after all.

Here’s the deal, Santa.  I know you don’t actually bring me anything.  I knew you never did.  I always knew that you weren’t real, but simply a part of us celebrating the holidays.  We never saw presents from Santa.  They were always from mom and dad, and grandma and grandpa.  Even the stocking.  Grandma never failed.

Yet, I don’t mind finding you, sitting on your lap and hoping that the things I deeply wish for will arrive.  What would I like this year?  First, I would like new skin.  Literally.  Those ovens at work a pretty hot and I’ve gotten a lot of scars in the past few months.  I know they are reminders of hard work and interesting days of feeding students.  It would be nice to have my arms back from before the experience, but can I keep the experience as well?

Second, I would like a place to call my own.  Not a shared room, not a shared house, just my little space.  Is that too much?  Can I have a cat in it as well?  Well, yes I supposed I would get lonely and it would be nice to have people around to share meals and cuddly my kitty and laugh and play games.  Can I just have the house next door to my family so they aren’t so far away?

Lastly, I would like lots of money.  I want a money tree so I can just go out and pick what I need.  It’s much better to have money and not the lessons of blessings and endurance.  Well, the lessons are good too.  Can I learn just by the work of picking the money from the tree?

It really isn’t much Santa and maybe they aren’t things I actually need.  It’s a good thing that you aren’t really going to give me these things.  Otherwise I just might not know what it means to live.

Love Always,




The aftermath: NaBloPoMo and Versatile Blogger Award

The last post was published, the imaginary crowd roared and silence fell on me.

With a margin of error measuring an hour or so, I finished NaBloPoMo.  30 days, 30 posts, and where does that leave me?  A bit exhausted.  Not from blogging.  Most days I was creatively inspired but on a few…. it was mere words to achieve a daily blogging schedule.  I spent more time exploring what people wrote daily and tried to think about what I wanted to share – thought or ideas – even planning some posts in advance.

I’m exhausted from tech week.  Fellow theater people will know how that last week of rehearsals before an opening can do you in.  This one has been nothing but the norm.  Coming home from a 12 hour road trip (yea vacation!) started the sequence of not posting so far in December.  Adding a later rehearsal time has meant I have slept less and in my free hours I have no ambition to write.  No fear the show opens tomorrow and soon my evenings will be free.

In addition to not being able to write, I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Say what???


A fellow blogger thought I was pretty spiffy and let me know by that nomination.  Thank you Priceless Joy!  You can see her stuff at  I personally think they are fun entries and her drawings are great.

So according to the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award ( ) I am to nominate 15 bloggers and then share 7 things about myself.  Well, here’s the problem.  I have only been actively looking at the blogging community since I started NaBloPoMo.  I originally started this blog to help share things I was experiencing while I lived overseas.  Seeing that I like it, I have continued writing and have only recently started following other writers.  So I don’t have a full 15 to nominate, but here are a few that I really enjoy:

vivace con brio – Lindsey writes about her life

These Are the Days – Kim is a big advocate of adoption

Mouthfuls & Mutterings – Valerie, a friend of 10 years, sharing recipes and life journeys

Jezbr – Jeremy, a friend from Australia, share his thoughts, adventures, and life in missions


I know…. that’s only four blogs, but they are four really good blogs and I hope you enjoy reading them as I do.

Here are 7 bits about me:

1.  I am a bi-coastal kid and self imposed third culture dweller having spent numerous years in California, Virginia, Germany and Australia.

2.  If I was able to pick a place to live where I’ve lived before, I would pick Germany in a heart beat.

3.  I was the type of kid who never wanted to talk to the neighbors – ever!  If our ball went over the fence, I was more than happy to leave it there.

4.  Want to make me happy?  Give me a diet Pepsi.  I know there are lots of unhealthy things in them that could kill me at an early age but it seriously puts me in a happy place.

5.  My favorite animal is the cat, but closely second is the zebra.  If I could touch a Zebra some day… glory!

6.  I would like to visit South America and Africa by the time I’m 35, and Antarctica before I die.

7.  I have willing eaten chicken’s blood and organs in Thai soup, while I was in Thailand.  Gotta gel with the culture!


One final bit of information – upcoming next week I will be participating in a 12 blogs of Christmas link up.  What to meet some more fun and interesting people, then check it out:

Oh joy!  That means more future entries from me.  It’s a good thing, I promise.



A November tradition

When I came back to California to attend university, I was located in Orange County.  I’m sure most know that Disneyland is located here, but the lesser known park is Knott’s Berry Farm.  My family would attend Knott’s yearly when I was growing up.  What excited me during university, was the discovery that Knott’s held an appreciation month for veterans.  Veterans could come to the park for free and bring along one free guest plus up to six more for a discounted price.  Free ticket?  I was sold.

Thus started my November tradition.  From 2005 to 2009 I would make my trek in November to Knott’s.  Not only was this a tradition for me, but one of my dearest friends started coming with me in 2006.  We created all sorts of traditions of taking specific pictures on rides and in certain spots.  The blessing of coming out to California this year for Thanksgiving was not only could I see family, but I discovered that Knott’s had extended the time period of veterans appreciation to the beginning of January.  The tradition could continue!!!

Today was a blast, taking in the swings and log ride (tradition!), shows and finding our friend dubbed Pablo.  Some years it took us a while to find Pablo but this year we ran into him straight away.

Thank you Knott’s, Pablo, and dearest friend for keeping on the tradition.














P.S – Thank you for following me on my NaBloPoMo adventure.



Thanksgiving 2013

Last year, I spent Thanksgiving in Australia.  I was working at a missions base and a crew of Americans put together a meal for around 70 people.  It was a fun adventure of working to share a day of remembrance of life and blessings with many from others cultures.  Also with the many Americans around we had quite the variety of different dishes.

When I look back on the year that has passed since last Thanksgiving, I can see many different blessings laced in daily life.  It can be really difficult to see blessings in times of hardship, and I want to gain a deeper level of seeing blessings.

Today I am deeply Thankful for my family.  They have been helping me live for the last couple of months – literally making sure I have food to eat and a place to sleep.  Last year I met many who struggle just to have food and shelter.  People who live in slums in Indonesia, and street people in Australia.  I know there are many here in America who are in the same position.  I really don’t know where I would have been without the help of my family.

I am thankful for opportunities.  To see where I have traveled, the experiences I have been a part of, and the events that will happen in the future.  I definitely have wanderlust in my life and God has never skimped on the opportunities that have presented themselves to me.  I want to be able to see these adventures even more.  To find places in the desert that will fulfill my desire for new and different things.  Even simple things like a local shop or park.  It doesn’t have to be overseas to be new and exciting – but overseas is good too!

Lastly, and mostly, I am thankful for the gift of life.  For my Creator and Lord who gave his life that I may live.  I am thankful for new understanding in being called to live in Christ and seeing his life change mine.  I would be so lost without Jesus.

I pray that you have a new understanding and joy that fills your heart today on Thanksgiving day and every day.

Sage advice from the frog

Kermit life

You may happen to know that this photo comes from the movie “The Great Muppet Caper.”  And if you know that, you know that Kermit falls off of the bike and ends up riding with Ms. Piggy.  So, if he knew he was going to fall, would he have still stood on top of the bike?

Is that the way you analyze your life?  If I do x, and that is equal to y, and y means bad things, will I proceed with x?

We, friends, are called to more.  So much more, and living in fear of the crash will mean you do not allow yourself to live at all.  You will not take chances on relationship, adventures, and fulfillment.

Take the frogs’ advice!